Cam capturing and identification amounts having sex/age groups

Cam capturing and identification amounts having sex/age groups

To allow reviews having prior to education, we along with applied nonspatial bring-recapture answers to estimate mature jaguar thickness (find Appendix B for strategies and results).

Estimating cub thickness and you may population design

I estimated densities alone for males, reproductive females, and you will nonreproductive ladies. We tried to match models straight to findings out-of cubs, but their sparse just take records didn’t render adequate study for an optimum likelihood studies. So you can estimate cub density, we increased brand new reproductive people density from your best model of the indicate amount of cubs each reproductive lady. These prices welcome formula off full jaguar thickness and you will society framework for men, nonreproductive female, reproductive women, and you may cubs.


Our very own complete testing effort was 12,302 camera trap-evening. I acquired 1465 captures, as well as 1369 having recognizable some one (Dining table step 1). In total, i known 42 jaguars, plus 14 adult males, 14 adult people, and 14 cubs. Of the 14 shoot mature lady, seven had been positively reproducing and you can photographed that have cubs (Images D1, D2). Although we joined equal quantities of guys, girls, and you can cubs on study area, the new grab frequency of each and every classification differed: 58% of identified photos have been the ones from boys (798 catches), 33% from recognizable grabs have been the ones from people (452), and just nine% had been that from cubs (119). An average of, guys had been caught 56 minutes for every single, ladies 32 minutes, and you may cubs only nine minutes. Reproductive female had quite higher final number of captures than nonreproductive female (257 versus 195, respectively) and higher mediocre number of catches for each private (38 instead of twenty eight).